CWM LLC has clients all over the United States, most of whom we have never met face-to-face. The relationship is typically conducted by e-mail and telephone.

To invest with Conservative Wealth Management, you should have about $10,000,000 in assets for us to manage. This can be spread over multiple investment accounts.

Choosing a financial advisor is an extremely consequential decision for you and your family. Please perform all necessary due diligence. You are looking for integrity and intelligence, in that order. Review our SEC filings (our SEC number is 801-66651).


As an investment advisor, we always act in a fiduciary capacity, putting your interests first. No one pays us to sell you anything. We are low-fee and fee-only. There are no commissioned products.

The core investment strategies are academically-based, passive and index-oriented, made with specific tilts, and using only liquid, publicly-traded, daily marked-to-market securities.

Your money is held at an external custodian, Fidelity Investments, one of the largest financial firms in the world. Fidelity is privately held and thus immune to attacks by short-sellers during a financial crisis. Fidelity maintains SIPC coverage against insolvency, bankruptcy, or unauthorized trading.

Additionally, we maintain our own Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage.

All accounts are owned by you, held in your name, and under your control at all times.

Unless you specifically agree otherwise, your accounts will be managed on a non-discretionary basis: every trade is reviewed and approved by you prior to execution.

Performance reporting is handled by Black Diamond, another external check. You can go online and look at your money both at Fidelity and at Black Diamond every day if you so desire.

You may cancel our relationship with us at any time.