Ultra high Net Worth Folks

The Ultra High Net Worth reside in a very expensive neighborhood: the top tax bracket. Their investment advisors need to be trustworthy, extremely fee- and tax-conscious, and savvy enough to interact with the rest of their team. Sadly, few are. Their advisor also should know the best people to call when further expertise is needed.

Typical concerns:

      • The sale of a family business
      • Whom can I really trust? (Answer: No one.)
      • Family limited partnerships and related legal entities
      • Asset protection & insurance
      • What if they’re just after my money? (Answer: They will be.)
      • Alternative investments
      • Estate planning and gifting
      • Charitable giving & family foundations

On the investment side, we specialize in creating portfolios using zero-dividend stocks for frictionless growth and better long-term after-tax returns. When distributions are required, it is often more effective to take a tax-free, low-interest portfolio loan than to realize capital gains and pay 25% – 33% to the U.S. Treasury every year.

Although we have expertise in the areas above, we are not a family office and do not provide “concierge services.” Look elsewhere.