Folio Investing will let you invest in the CWM Global Market Folio, designed by Conservative Wealth Management LLC. There is no minimum balance required.

In 1958, Nobel economist James Tobin discovered that there is one super-efficient portfolio where any change you make to it is a change for the worse, delivering poorer returns for more risk.

In 1964, Nobel economist William Sharpe proved that this was the market portfolio: the portfolio of all risky assets proportionally weighted by their total market capitalization.

This Global Market Portfolio doesn’t need benchmarking because it is itself the benchmark of all other portfolios. It doesn’t need rebalancing because any changes resulting from market action over time simply reflect the underlying changes in the global market itself. Its building blocks are low-expense, tax-efficient index funds.

This solution can be considered the apotheosis of passive index investing. Academics have called the global market portfolio the “optimal portfolio for the average investor.”

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